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What Are The Elements of Holistic Counseling?


My eclectic style of psychotherapy draws from research-based treatment modalities in field of psychology and incorporates psycho-education, Eastern philosophy, Native American spirituality, trans-personal and somatic/body-oriented psychologies as well as the work of Carl Jung.



We will work together to reunite the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual parts of your Self that may have been unconsciously neglected through dream-work, symbol appreciation, imagery, expressive art, and incorporating the body into the healing process to begin to harmonize the forces within.


No two people have the exact same set of circumstances, challenges and needs. In our work together we will discuss your personal history and experiences as well as your goals, values and interests in order to determine the best course of treatment.

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Office Policies

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What To Expect

An overview of the counseling process and the logistics of working together.

Cost of Treatment

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