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What Is A Psycho-Educational Group?


Small groups designed to inform and educate individuals on a specified topic related to psychology. Each session is both instructive and experiential in nature. There is both a ‘learning’ and a ‘doing’ component, so you will get an opportunity to deepen your understanding (the philosophy, background, or research, etc.) of the subject and an opportunity to experiment with a new skill or technique (deep breathing, mindfulness, etc.). 

Benefits of Groups:


Connect with others in a safe space

Give and receive support

Find your voice and improve your social skills

Learn and practice new techniques 

Get a fresh perspective on your life situation 


Mindful Mamas Group Asheville
Mindful Mamas: Motherhood As A Spiritual Journey
  • Learn the basics of Buddhist philosophy and how they relate to the everyday challenges of motherhood in a small group format
  • Explore ways to deal with negative emotional states such as guilt, anger, and worry from a Buddhist perspective
  • Connect with other Mamas dealing with the struggles of child rearing and seeking balance
  • Find the practices that will best serve you in discovering and maintaining inner calm and presence
“In a family, if there is one person who practices mindfulness, the entire family will be more mindful.” – Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist Monk, Teacher, Peace Activist

Mindful Mamas Group Asheville Details:

Next Group Session: TBD

Chestnut Street location in Asheville

$200 for 4 week series

This group is for ALL Mamas: Biological, Step, Foster and Mamas of kids of all ages are welcome!

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